An Internet Marketing Company & Its Impact on Underrated Games

As far as video games on the whole are concerned, there seem to be a bevy of factors that play into the success it garners. It’s generally accepted that the best games not only look and sound good but, to a greater extent, play well. Advertising can be quite a tool and I believe that it could be used to separate games based on popularity, no matter how fine-tuned they are. An Internet marketing company can do this very well and more people may be driven to play as well.

For example, “Hotel Dusk: Room 215” was released early into the original Nintendo DS’ lifespan. I consider it to be one of my most favorite games because it blends story and gameplay in a package that’s akin to a Film Noir title. The fact that Nintendo itself was responsible for its creation should have ensured its success. However, it proved to be a niche title that not many people could have gotten into, despite the high level of quality at play.

Another example I can name is “Okami,” which shares many similarities to watercolor painting in terms of designs. However, this is a painting that is very much in motion and it’s quite possibly one of the most attractive games not to utilize a realistic style. Despite the fact that the game won several awards in the past, Capcom as its publisher sadly couldn’t bring the brand name up to the standards of Mega Man and the sort. With so many good games that get overlooked, though, shouldn’t the Internet play more of a part?

Employing an internet marketing company would be excellent for any video game that needs it because the positives are plentiful. The success that organizations such as fishbat has gained cannot be denied and such clients have received increased exposure and fan counts. I believe that a game like “Hotel Dusk” would benefit so much from this, too. The sequel stayed secluded to Europe for the longest time and it had never seen the light of day outside of the country.

I don’t think it’s right that genuinely good games are ignored simply because marketing isn’t all there. If you ask me, there are more excellent games that don’t have the attention than terrible games that do. Yes, media exposure plays a great part here and I have to believe that certain titles can benefit from Internet marketing. After all, gaming should only get better as time moves onward and without this type of marketing put into play, I fear it may grow stagnant.

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