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Internet marketing and network marketing have blurred lines nowadays as the two pretty much exist in tandem. Internet marketing covers lots of types of selling, whether or not it is directly from an internet site, thru social media, blogs, forums, or Squidoo lenses. Network marketing is the means of not only selling, but inducting others to sell for you, and this may be attained by using any of the strategies above also. Through the internet we will be able to expose our businesses and products to thousands of people. Gone are the days of hassling buddies and kin to join our network or purchase our product!

Video, Internet and Network Marketing

One of the most highly effective platforms on the Internet today both for Internet marketing and network marketing purposes is video, and if you’ve a quick look around you to you’ll see loads of people promoting products, many of them making thousands of bucks a month. There is nobody who is successful in either methods of marketing these days that doesn’t make promotional videos. Find a video on YouTube that has thousands of hits, and see what techniques they’re using to make those successful videos.

Videos are often sent out in e-mails, they’re attached to blogs, they’re employed in promotions, and on websites. Folk love video, they can do other things while they watch and listen, and they are a far better way to clarify anything difficult. In attraction marketing self branding is very important, and by the use of video folk will see your face and recognize you all over the Internet it is one of the strongest methods of promotion in both network and Internet marketing.

Lights! Action!

Many people hate cameras I am one of them. For whatever reason although I record a video privately the possibility of thousands of people seeing me in a video shocks me to death. I will have to get over it. There’s hardly any difficult technology involved these days – everything is plug and play. All that you need is a good computer, a camera and a mic, some quickly downloaded software and you have got the potential to make good videos. I’ve seen WebCams on for only $10, Windows Film Maker comes free on many new PCs. If you get dumb don’t fret. Just do one or two takes and use a script then choose the one that you like best. If you do not like the way in which you look make it a goal to earn income to get a hair transplant or a facelift if you look on YouTube there are some real ugly mugs on there and they are making great cash!

If your first couple of videos are trembly, even funny, post them anyway, this is all a part of attraction marketing and if folk see you are rather like them, they will warm to you. It won’t take long before you are making perfect small videos every day, but please keep them short. Everyone’s in a rush these days don’t take an hour to say what could possibly be asserted in 5 minutes or you’ll bore folk to death.

You are broadcasting to most likely millions but being watched by one at a time. Remember that and treat that person ( everybody ) like they are your mate, smile and be positive and learn to use positive language also , like using the word “will” instead of “could”. Using video as a selling tool is only a little part of internet and network marketing because you have to find out how to get your new video to rank on the search websites so as to build traffic, leads and sales.

Effective sales and marketing is a necessity to be successful it doesn’t matter if you’re selling million-dollar items or things for 50 bucks. There are a bunch of online systems that may assist you in generating a powerful stream of leads, and will help you qualify those leads mechanically and will also give you a nice stream of revenue even if those potential clients don’t join your primary business -the best marketing system possible will help you grow your business on autopilot. We seriously recommend you take a look at the best system here.

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