For A Look At Our Future, Go To Venezuela

It seems that one after another is happening now, things that we thought “could never happen in America” are happening.

If you want to anticipate the next thing that could never occur in the United States, you only have to look south to Venezuela. The government of Hugo Chavez has devalued Venezuela’s currency by 46 %. But that’s not all, gold and silver increased in value by a comparable 46%.

Those who had invested only in the fiat currency lost almost half of their purchasing power. Ironically if they had thought to invest in gold and silver assets –which we refer to as God’s Money — their value would have risen by half.

True, the United States is not Venezuela. But the current administration is not just any administration; it’s one of the most power- hungry in American history, and it aims to control and perhaps destroy the U.S. economy.

President Obama and the Federal Reserve will not ask Congress for approval to devalue the U.S. dollar all at once. Their policies have actually been debilitating the currency over the long haul. Moreover, there’s absolutely nothing in the way of their imposing a “Chavez option” on America, too.

It’s only natural to be scared. Our last best hope is to take our refuge in God’s Money and in His Word.

We don’t want to be “alarmist.” But the purpose of a sentinel is to alarm the troops.

In Boston, the American Revolutionaries must indeed have been thankful that Paul Revere warned them of the impending arrival of the Redcoats. Likewise, the first Titanic survivors onboard the lifeboats must have expressed thanks that the calls of “Iceberg!” from the crow’s nest were heard on the bridge.

We consider ourselves that same kind of essential sentinel at Real Money, USA. Our ultimate purpose is to warn our clients and our readers about some very desperate situations unfolding in our world.

It’s difficult to accept some of the realities that we’re sharing with you these days. Sea changes in history, and in the tide of human affairs, usually begin that way. Many people who have seen the shape of approaching things have made the same kind of desperate assessment of their present and their future and have understood that their world would never be the same

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