Involve Stock Market Timing

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Much has been written about the virtues and risks of active stock market trading, or market timing.

Almost all of the experts and so called “experts” will tell you that stock market timing does not work, that it’s dangerous, and that “buy and hold” is the best and only way to invest.

But this standard wisdom is obviously wrong. Here are the facts based on my research and in depth real time experience.

If you'd like to be a successful stock exchange timer, you need 3 key elements:

1. A system that actually works.

2. Discipline to follow the system.

3. Patience to stay with the system long enough to persuade it to work for you.

And it’s difficult to do all 3.

Here’s why:

Most market timing systems do not work. Or do not work regularly enough to be valid. Some will work in trending markets but get massacred during flat times. Most systems do not work in all markets.

Backers lack the discipline to follow a real system. Once an investor finds a feasible program, she or he needs the willpower to follow it. Unfortunately , some either can?t or won?t do that. When they let their own judgment or intuitions interfere, they don't get the results which they want or might have enjoyed by just following the sell and buy signals they receive.

Stockholders lack the patience to stick with their system. Many stockholders are consistently in pursuit of the Holy Grail, a program that never loses a trade. The truth is, no method will win every trade, and investors without patience will find themselves hopping from consultant to counsellor with no rewards to show for their efforts.

Nevertheless there are numerous trusted systems available that recognize these pitfalls and successfully time the market to massive profits year on year. Anything you hear or read to the opposite is just incorrect. Wall Street has a personal interest in opposing stock market timing because it's a threat to their extremely existence.

Financiers have 2 choices. They can pursue the generally held position of buy and hold and hope for the best, or the modern financier can educate himself and find a timing system with which he is cosy to protect and grow his wealth. There are numerous proven options available, but the absolute worst thing one can do is listen to the pundits who make it clear that stock market timing” doesn't work.

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