Log Houses Make Great Homes And Excellent Living

Wooden dwellings have long been popular in the far Northern regions of the world. Log construction in these areas is still favored for building for its good properties and ease of construction. People here still remember the old tradition that log houses make great homes.

For people accustomed to the image of brick under tile or slate as the standard home, building a house from logs can seem quaint. Most people imagine something like the primitive cabins portrayed by Hollywood. In fact, the modern residences are just as sophisticated and comfortable as any other construction material.

The wood for these buildings comes from norther forests which are renewable. The heartwood is used to craft laminated logs which improve on the natural state. Glulam is durable and has a regular shape, and will also not shrink or warp like normal logs. There is no need to fill cracks between the logs with moss to block draughts.

The quality Scandinavian construction in these modern buildings is made to last. Churches of wood with elaborate carving in the country of origin testifies to the fact that such construction can last many centuries and still be beautiful. Your home should be able to emulate this.

Although a log house is surprisingly affordable, this is still a big investment and you are probably rightly concerned that this is the right choice. Such houses are very popular in North America because their excellent insulation reduces heating costs. In addition, the type of construction makes extending them very simple.

Although they are not what you usually expect, quality log houses make great homes. Anyone who has lived in one will be able to confirm this fact. Once you are used to the comfort, you will soon forget the seeming strangeness. In fact, these homes are really no different to any other in practice. But they are much more affordable and can make owning your own home a reality.

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