PCGS Certified Coins

Are you an enthusiastic coin collector? You are!? Then, I am sure you have heard of PCGS? No…? Well, I am sure you have heard of certified coins…?

However exactly what is a certified coin? And who or what is PCGS?

Well, to learn this we must take a trip to a time when there were no certified coins nor any certified coin sellers. A time when collectors had to do their particular due diligence and grade the grade of their very own coins and also the coins these people desired to buy.

This is a really rough time in the coin enthusiast in the world! And the main difference of one or two grades could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars. To illustrate, let’s imagine you have this Coronet Type half cent from 1840. You are wanting to promote the coin and you also graded it a MS65. That should enable you to get an easy $300.

Therefore, you put it on the market at the next coin convention, and you get yourself a buyer on the hook. Nevertheless he compares the coin and grades it to be a MS63. This is a huge difference. Now your $300 valued coin may be worth $50 to this buyer.

Is he being sincere OR is he wanting to scam you? And it goes both ways. Often you would get some untrustworthy dealers that will try to up the grade on their own coin in order to acquire some extra money in the sale.

Today, if there have been just a trusted third-party who could grade the coin and negotiate the small dispute. And there is! PCGS.

PCGS is really a 3rd party grading service company. PCGS is definitely an fair third-party who takes your coin and present it a certified grade of MS0 to MS70. Then, to make sure nothing interferes with the certified grade… PCGS puts the coin into an air tight enclosed plastic cover.

Contained inside the plastic cover is the coin, along with a piece of paper over the coin which authenticate’s the coin and explains the coin. Collectors know this as little piece of paper over the coin the “slab”.

PCGS certified coins are reliable by buyers and sellers alike. This means they are a great company to overcome grading disputes if you happen to want to offer your coin.

You can bring your gold coin, silver coin, commemorative coin, and pretty much any coin you’ve got and deliver it in to PCGS and they’ll give it a certified quality.

If you are looking to grow your US certified coins collection… Then try to find PCGS certified coins. Why? Well, because they are great investments, because you know precisely what you are purchasing. PCGS certified coins can be passed down from generation to generation and they’ll retain not only their certified grade, but their innate value.

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