Skip The Get Rich Quick Schemes And Just Teach Me

All human beings aspire to become rich at some point in their lives. Why I want to be rich is a question that people answer differently due to the human natures different aspirations. Becoming rich is perceived as the solution to all human problems but it fails to address the modalities of eradicating these problems.

Rich is a relative state of the individual and there are various ways that one can be judged as rich. If you can fulfill your basic needs you are seen as rich but if you create artificial need based on the resources you have, you will be seen as trying to be rich. Riches are not measured on monetary gain, alone but the quality of life that you lead while trying to maintain what you have. Money is a facilitator and not the end game and the more you have may make you happy or unhappy.

Being rich has nothing to do with your bank account, credit card or the contents of your wallet but the peace in your life. You can have the freedom to be happy if the resourced availed to you work for you. Bring rich is one way of achieving comfort and the duration of stay in this comfort zone is self determined. Taking control of your financial destiny is being rich.

People tend to assume that riches are connected to happiness, fame and respect. Rich in any form may or may not yield success. Richness is in the personality and how people externalize them is what determines their social status. To become rich is a process and material riches is what include resources and monetary

There is usually the assumption that becoming rich brings forth fame, respect and success; these are only attributes that other people place on your personality and they do not necessarily mean you are rich. Riches are not what people see in you but what you feel about yourself. Working hard to achieve the goal of being rich is the only way since assumptions is more retrogressive. People do not become rich by default. The passion has to come from within the inner self and comes with risks. Riches transform lives and come with challenges are different ways of thinking.

You can become spiritually inclines and lead a normal life or you can work hard at work and get a promotion which leads to a better pay; both the spiritual and work gains are riches. The way we have been socialized is what determines our perception of being rich. To become rich in whatever way we need to ask ourselves how long it takes to be rich and how long do riches linger in our lives.

You can become rich saving and spending wisely the little you have and people will take you as being rich. You can on the other hand gamble over night and become rich and the following day you gamble and lose and that is being rich albeit shortly. The reason why I want to be rich is different from others but if your life and that of your spouse and children is manageable, then you are rich and happy.

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