SmackDown’s Fallout: What Would a Social Media Agency Say?

WWE SmackDown is the kind of show that I attempt to be optimistic about, especially last week’s iteration. I say this because this particular show had something of a focus on networking, which is what I hoped World Wrestling Entertainment would be able to grasp. The company, to my dismay, only seemed to want to ignore what is current and try to be popular while failing miserably. I have to ponder the words of a social media agency if it saw WWE’s sad attempt.

SmackDown posed a number of problems but I think one of the bigger ones was that it was a taped presentation. While this doesn’t sound like a problem on paper, you have to consider that WWE went into this show, claiming that it was a live event. This was heightened by the idea that networking is a constantly changing media and it’s hard to stay up to date. WWE SmackDown’s live Tuesday show seemed outdated by the ongoings on Friday when the show aired on SyFy.

The almost endless slew of commercials was also something to note and I think that any fan will agree. I’m all for promoting products but there’s a difference between that and simply building your show to accommodate these many names. I think that the constant plugs have gotten to the point where my overall enjoyment wrestling is hindered. I can handle many things that this company does but when wrestling is negatively impacted, I have to put my foot down on the matter.

If the workers of a social media agency took the time to watch the show, I think it’d be clear how badly the show fumbled. There was one part where fans were told to vote on a choice of opponents for the main event but it’s not like the voices of the people would have mattered. It would only serve to make these fans feel like they wasted their time, given the pre-taped nature of the show. These polls did not hold much weight and companies the likes of fishbat would instruct WWE.

I love professional wrestling, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy WWE as well but when it comes to the things that it gets wrong, I feel like I have a right to critique the company as a fan. It’s social media focus has been, for quite a couple of years, shoddy and you have to wonder if anyone in that particular company has the slightest idea of how to run a social media campaign. I don’t feel like anyone does, which makes these efforts come across as all the more sad.

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