Strategies for Purchasing Precious Metals And African Gold Coins

The current cost of gold is estimated approximately $1000/ounce. Like gold, the costs of other precious metals are shooting high. Thus, the number of investors in precious metal industry has grown suddenly. As opposed to stocks, shares, private bonds along with other saving policies, gold is much better, safer, solid and secure investment option. As conventional as it might sound, businessmen still opt for bullions, bars or coins as an investment choice.

Today, African coins are popular and most distributed types of gold coins. If you are considering investing in precious metals, simply feel the next handful of paragraphs and learn this art.

About African Coins:

Coins have always been referred to as primary mode of exchange, since the time of ancient greek civilizations. Even today, these coins are popular not only due to their face value but also because of their rarity, prestige, designs and construction. In comparison to other coins Krugerrands (South African gold coin) is the most used precious metals investments.

Although Krugerrand was launched in 1967, it shot to popularity during 1970 to 1980. The gold coin measured a little more than 1 troy ounce and began the non-public ownership of South African gold at international scale. These assets were made with solid gold of 91.67% purity and bear the picture of Pal Kruger, the former state president on the top side. The rear surface of the coin bears the image of springbok (a gazelle).

Points to consider Before Putting Profit These Investment Options:

Before putting money in these investments you should determine your budget. The costs of coins varies with variation in market policies and their market price is 5% over their spot price. You should take this factor into account.

After you have decided your financial allowance, you have to focus on the quality of coins. Since this type of investment has the chance of getting cheater, you have to get the quality of coins checked from more than two reliable jewelers. The coins include 32.77mm diameter and carry 2.83mm thickness. If you are not in the position of buying one ounce gold, you are able to go for smaller sizes-1/2 ounce coins (with 27mm diameter and a pair of.24mm thickness), oz coins (with 22mm diameter and 1.53mm thickness) and 1/10 ounce coins (with 16.26mm diameter and also 1.19mm thickness).

Take a moment and shop around for the best Krugerrand sellers on the market. Even though counterfeit Krugerrands really are a rarity, you have to search for sellers who are able to guarantee authenticity. It’ll prevent your loss of cash. Before you decide to consider investing in these commodities, you should perform criminal record check around the coin sellers and think about their previous market history. A few states impose an additional sales tax on gold and other precious metal transactions if they exceed over $1000 which means you should consider this factor too.

To know more tricks and tips regarding investing in precious metals check out online websites, forums or consult an investment professional.

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