What to do to Get the Most Out of Yahoo! Search Marketing.

When done the correct way, Yahoo! Search marketing can be a great traffic driver to your website and could translate into good results. Even though, at present, pay per click advertising is very competitive, the competition is variable from company to company. If, for instance, you decide to do Google AdWords and its you’re first time, you’ll realize that doing it is not as easy as it may appear. But, if you go for Yahoo! Search Marketing, you’ll have lesser competitors and more agreeable results. To know how it’s done, let’s read on…

Landing Pages Need to Be Pertinent to the Ad: There’s nothing more irritating to a user than to click on an ad, expecting to see one thing and landing on a page that is completely irrelevant. Making things confusing for users is a surefire way to throw money down the toilet on advertising that will not lead to customers. In order to boost the conversion rate of your PPC ads on Yahoo!, it’s really important that you focus on creating a relevant landing page that goes with your ad copy. Don’t make the mistake of sending your traffic to the main homepage. Assuming that your prospects will simply figure it out on their own is wrong; you have to ensure they land on the page that exactly gives them what they want. Your landing page should also be as uncomplicated as possible with as few distracting elements as possible. The ultimate objective of any landing page is to ensure that people take action, which is why everything you put on your landing page should lead to this results.

Fluctuating Minimum Bid Prices: The fact is, keywords on Yahoo! may become active or inactive in no time; it could be one situation one time and something else the other time. Every so often during your PPC campaign on Yahoo!, you’ll receive reports saying that some of your keywords have become inactive because they do not qualify for the minimum bid requirement, and then you’ll receive another email saying that your keywords have turned active again because the bid prices have been decreased. So what do you do at such times? Well, you really have no control as to how and why Yahoo! determines the minimum bid for a keyword. But, when you receive notifications of these changes, then you can just check on your account where you’ll see the traffic lowering while the bids are getting higher as the keywords turned active.

Implement Tracking: Tracking your results is critical to maximizing the success of your Yahoo! PPC campaign. While Yahoo! does provide reporting tools, you shouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket. While the tools provided are somewhat effective, you will need a system that can give you more in-depth information so you can cull keywords that aren’t performing well. You’ll need to do this so that you can build a list of ‘excluded keywords’ for your advanced match keywords.

For you to make a lucrative Yahoo! PPC campaign, you have to give attention to minutest details that need enhancement and do something to boost the quality of your ads. Remember, pay per click advertising is all about results – if you are able to achieve favorable results with a good ROI then you’ve got every reason to celebrate.

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